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The Control

Process check mechanisms are our priority and we try to conduct these on the highest technical level. We use for example fluorescent analyzator, salt chambre, microscope and different other mechanic, analog and digital measuring instruments.

The most recently we introduced the measuring of friction coefficient of fasteners. For this we use the apparatus Test P205.500NM which is worth several millions of crowns. We are the second in the Czech Republic to conduct this unique measurement.

X-RAY SPECTROMETRE type X-ray maXXi producer Röntgenanalytik Messtechnic GmbH (SRN) – by means of ionizing radiation it measures the thickness of layers presently at the most precise level.
DELTASCOPE MP30 producer Helmut Fischer GmbH+Co (SRN) – measuring of thickness of nonmagnetic layers on steel and iron – remains on process level.
STEREOSCOPIC MICROSCOPE STM 712 producer Intraco Micro spol. s r.o. (CR) – controls the structure of accomplished surfaces.
MARAMETRE F producer Mahr GmbH (SRN) and THREADED CIRCLES producer Hans Martin GmbH (SRN) – verify size parametres.
SALT CHAMBRE S450 producer Weiss GmbH (SRN) – checks corrosion resistence.