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Environmental politics

GPÚ spol. s r.o. hereby declares its environmental politics which is the expression of our effort to minimize negative influences of our activities on environment.
In order to continuously improve the environment and to prevent its pollution we follow these principles:

  • Protection of the environment is always part of our entrepreneurial decisions.
  • We ensure that our intensions and activities are in accord with environmental legislation.
  • To enhance environmental consciousness of our emploees we provide for them adequate training, so they can conduct their work duties with respect to the environment.
  • We are open to the dialog about environmental affairs with emploees, public and state administration authorities.
  • We continuously improve our behaviour towards the environment by means of the system of environmental management which is in accordance with the standard ČSN EN ISO 14001. According to this standard we declare environmental goals so we are able to measure the progress. The management of the company continuously monitors and analyses the present situation in the environment.

We realize that by following environmental politics we create the good name of the company.

In Chrastava 1.10.2008