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The Company

The company GPÚ spol. s r.o. is situated in the comlex of the company MC Invest, the former producer of textile machinery ELITEX Chrastava. It used to be the part of ELITEX untill 1993 as the firm´s electroplating factory.The company GPÚ spol. s r.o. was founded on 17 Fabruary 1993 by two associates: Ing. Jaromír Brynda and Ivana Červená. It was rented at the beginning and in 1995 the building of electroplating factory as well as belonging buildings (neutralization station, building of maintenance) were purchased. The company´s key activity has always been anti corrosion surface conversion of metals. Original technologies of hard chrom plating, galvanic nickel shiny and zinc electroplating were, after gradual reduction of demand, reduced to only one technology that of zinc electroplating with subsequent yellow and blue passivation.

Due to increase in capacity and possibility of zinc electroplating by means of mass as well as rack technology, the range of customers was beginning to expand. In 1997 we introduced the technology of phosphate zinc. On customer´s request was the yellow passivation with content of Cr 6+ gradually replaced by thick- wall passivation with content of Cr 3+. In 2007 we introduced mass technology of alloy zinc – nickel. In 2011 we rebuilt one zinc electroplating line into phosphate zinc line as to provide bigger capacity for this technology.

Gradually, each line was modernized and automatized as to eliminate the human factor during the processing. We simultanously focused on the demonstration of quality by means of detailed records of technological process and metodology of testing (thickness measurment, corrosion tests, measurment of coefficient of friction).